Fetching Loans from Direct Lenders while Going through Bad Credit
Harry October 1, 2022

Fetching Loans from Direct Lenders while Going through Bad Credit 

Having low credit scores isn't a new thing. At some point, at least once, you would have faced a tough financial situation. Especially at such times, the need for a loan is higher. One, it gets difficult to get a loan. Second, you get it at higher interest rates and more restrictions than regular loans. 

But it isn't impossible to get a loan with bad credit health. On the contrary, it is simpler to apply for such loans with a direct lender. These lenders specialise in providing loans to people with bad credit histories. The only pre-requisite is to show the affordability and recurring earning of income so that you can repay the debt. Also, older debts have been covered, or difficulties have been overcome. 

Finding a solution for your bad credit loan

A bad credit loan is one of the most suitable solutions for you in tough times. To avail of these loans, there are multiple lenders to approach. Direct lenders are generally preferred as it is less tedious and less time-consuming. They can also be approached directly for loan queries or issues. 

When it comes to mainstream lenders or any broker, you do not have the right to take your decisions. Whereas, with a direct lender, borrowers not only know their lenders but also can take loan decisions on their own. 

Why are direct lenders better?

Taking loans for bad credit from direct lenders has its own benefits. The credit agreement goes to the lender at the end of the process. It's better to shorten the process, deal, and take the loan directly from the lender. 

A direct lender provides all the options, even if you are looking for a debt consolidation loan or a payday loan. You can use it for any loan that you desire. 

A common misconception is that direct lenders would not have a variety of lending products. And hence many people don't consider or approach them. But this is not the case. Usually, direct lenders have all kinds of product loans. 

The interest rates provided are also favourable to you. There is no requirement to give higher unnecessary interest rates when you are going to direct lenders. 

Benefits of dealing with a direct lender

There are many benefits of going to a direct lender. As compared to other people, direct lenders give you the kickstart to avail of loans from them.

Process Simplified 

Applying with a direct lender simplifies the process for you. They process the information you share and understand your needs. Irrespective of your personal business needs, they try to fulfil all your demands and offer you the desired loan amount. 

 Quick decision

There is a quick decision whenever you go to a direct lender. They follow a speedy process. As compared to other people, direct lenders offer you money quickly. Once you submit your application, they go through it quickly and effortlessly. 

It saves you time and effort and reduces the direct interaction with the lender.

The process is simplified, and once you finish up your process, the loan amount is transferred to your bank account. You can easily give your feedback and get the process changed.

Admin costs

You save all your admin and other costs with the direct lender. If you're looking to borrow an amount, other people or brokers may charge you a hefty amount. The direct lenders, all these costs are saved. 

There are no hidden costs or upfront charges. The charges for middlemen are also eliminated from this whole process. This means that you are directly in contact with the direct lender, and you will get the best deal possible.

Customer service

Once you have received the loan, you can easily connect with the lender again. If there is some issue that you're facing, you can always go back to them and make them understand. 

Unlike direct lenders, brokers and other people do not listen to you once you receive the loan. In this, you get the required attention and recognition even after getting the loan amount. Direct lenders are always welcoming of any kind of borrower. 

They try to understand the borrower and customise the loan needs accordingly. Even when the decision is made, you can convince the lenders to reconsider and change the decision. It is not a strict process. Direct Lenders give you the leverage and consider your point of view. 

Available for bad credit

Direct lenders deal with all kinds of borrowers. For a good credit score, chances are high to fetch the desired loan. But for a bad credit score situation, the chances are there to avail of the loan, though lesser. 

Many people do not have the perfect score and do not know where to go. For such people, a direct lender is your answer.

You can apply for loans for bad credit with them. Irrespective of a bad credit score, you can go to a direct lender and ask for your loan needs.

Data protection

The most important clause is data protection. Many people will apply for a loan but doubt the privacy of the data. In the case of a direct lender, there is the safety of data, and you do not need to be stressed about it. 

Sometimes, the lender may ask for some personal information. Do not worry about it. Instead, be honest with your direct lender and give them the required information.


Fetching a loan during tough financial times is not a crime. It is becoming a necessity. Taking loans becomes an important step when you have low credit scores during financial health lows. Especially at such tough times of bad credit scores, the type of lender plays a key role. 

Direct lending or direct lenders brings their own benefits to the table. They provide:

  • A less tedious & less cumbersome process
  • Better rates
  • Transparency
  • Honesty in the entire process
  • Hence, direct lending is preferred by many people in the universe.

You have to be truthful and transparent to your lender. Hiding facts/situations does not do any good to anyone. Being clear & transparent with your lender avoids any discrepancy. And will facilitate you to build a good connection with your lender over the long-term association.