How can Payday loans be Beneficial for first-time users
Harry July 6, 2022

How can Payday loans be Beneficial for first-time users?

Mr Edwin requires £3000 urgently to repair the broken leakage pipe and the ceiling around. He lacks that much cash presently and neighbours too. The person calls some of his best acquaintances for a short-term requirement. Some denied it, while others never picked up the call. 

Would he let the water kick indoors?

Would he sit hand-folded?


After receiving a negative response from every side, he googled fast cash loans. He landed at Quickloanspoint, and the lenders transferred £3000 within 15 minutes. 

He called the plumber and fixed the issue the same day without letting the home become a swimming pool. 

There are situations like these that require you to act early.

 If you face urgent situations like these -

  • a sudden medical bill,
  • tire puncture,
  • cracked window pane,
  • subscription fee
  • due tuition fee
  • Other bill payment
  • And many more….

How will you meet without defaulting on the deadline and lacking cash?

Payday loans can help. Here is a refusal of payday loans in the UK; anyone can fetch these from a direct lender. The blog is a small checklist for first-time payday loan users.

What do Payday Loans Imply?

Payday loans are the loan offerings direct lenders provide to individuals facing strict money requirements. These loans are also known as-salaried loans, deferred deposit loans, or quick cash loans. These are short-term unsecured loans aimed at helping individuals bridge small funding gaps. As these loans are unsecured, you do not share the fear of losing your belongings over the loan. You can borrow the loans for any intent, and no lender shall ask why the loan is taken.

How much can one borrow? 

One can borrow up to £5000 for any urgent requirement.


Who qualifies for a payday loan?

Anyone meeting the below conditions can qualify for the agreement of no refusal of payday loans in the UK from direct lenders. Here are the conditions to privilege for the loan:

  • Must be a resident of the UK
  • Should be 18 + in age
  • Must hold a trustworthy bank statement in the UK
  • Should be a UK debit card holder
  • Should be employed and have the employment proof

Income proof is an important criterion to qualify. The lenders identify the affordability and provide an apt amount as a loan.

What if you have a less-than-perfect credit score? 

You can even privilege for the loan. In most cases, lenders do not analyse credit scores as the primary lending source. If your credit report reveals bankruptcy, it may be difficult. Bankruptcy affects the credit score. Non-repayment of payday loans may hurt your credit further. It is the reason, in some cases, lenders deny the loan.

Payday loans generally have a 96% approval rate. However, you may be rejected for a loan in some cases.

Can you be rejected for a payday loan? 

Generally, individuals get no refusal of payday loans in the UK easily from direct lenders. These are the most preferred credit throughout the UK Here are some conditions that a lender may decline your payday loan form:

  • You lack a well-defined income source
  • You have a series of CCJs and Bankruptcies in your credit report
  • The borrower fails the lender’s affordability test. Every lender has unique loan eligibility requirements.
  • The person lacks a UK bank account
  • You get paid in cash, not in the bank account. The income paid in cash is difficult to verify.
  • You apply for payday loans frequently, and the credit report reveals the same

Can an unemployed and retired get a payday loan? 

You do not require a stellar credit score to qualify. If you have a salary receipt as income proof, you may qualify. Unemployed, retired, students, and self-employed may also apply. Reveal an income source in any form. It can be – pension, income from benefits, salary, dividends, etc.

When does one have to repay the loan? 

The repayment duration may differ from lender to lender.. Generally, the payday loan term is 30 days. “PAYDAY” symbolises the repayment just after one receives the salary. For this, many lenders provide the flexibility to set up auto-cut payments.

How does a payday loan work?

Payday loans are same-day loans. These include minimal documentation like personal details and income proof. You may apply for payday loans for your small requirements. Once you qualify for the eligibility posted by the lender, you get the money. The lender transfers money into the account provided. Interest begins accruing from the very day. The lender may auto-cut the payment as per the agreement.

These are high-interest loans. Missing a payment or seeking roll-over may impact the credit score. 

Avoid it at every cost.

In opposition, if you repay the loan within the dedicated timeframe, it may boost your credit score. Check for the early-repayment fee. These loans do not have any loan fees, and do not be afraid to be charged with any.

When can I get the money? 

Once you get approved and receive no refusal of payday loans in the UKyou may get cash within 15 minutes in your account from direct lenders.

What if I fail to pay the loan repayments? 

If you acknowledge that you cannot be extended to carry the payments, inform the lender. Do it as early as possible. Lenders may help you walk out of the situation by revising the loan terms. If you want, you can spread out repayments in affordable instalments- 3,6, and 9 months. It may not impact your credit score and help you sidestep defaulting on the loan.

In some situations, lenders here may help you halt the payments for a while. If possible, we help reduce interest rates over the loans too. However, there are certain terms to qualify for interest rate deductions.  

How to avoid defaulting on payday loans? 

To avoid defaulting on the loan, here is what you can do:

  • Evaluate other sources like retirement funds or dividends for minimal requirements
  • Never borrow above what you require.
  • Avoid making too many payday loans applies frequently
  • Analyse whether you can make repayments comfortably or not?

To Wrap up!

Payday loans are one of the best loan offerings to apply for in immediate requirements. If you are a first-timer, do not worry. Get the most affordable payday loans today.