Harry October 3, 2022

Is your backsplash showing signs of leakage?

Does it seem less appealing to your overall kitchen aesthetics?

There could be an ample number of reasons that you may be looking to repair the backsplash. The primary could be the plumbing issue.

In case of leakage, the water seeps in and affects the subordinate structures like walls and attached cabinets. Moisture in wet spaces like the kitchen is not a good sign. Thus, it is ideal to dial in the expert when you encounter it.

You search for your wallet only to find it cashless.

Postponing it to a later date may aggravate the issue. It could devalue the property's value. Are you willing to compromise the property's value? Are you okay with selling it for peanuts?

If not, act immediately. In cases like emergency home improvements, rely on trusted resources to get guaranteed funds. Contact us to get short-term instant loans for £1500 with bad credit.

How does £1500 help in emergency home repairs? 

One hopes that an unexpected bill will not dent the wallet. However, the case is not always the same.

Therefore, there are times when you need emergency cash to counter the issue immediately. A £1500 loan is apt for these small unexpected expenses.

These are designed to help individuals attend essential repairs or replacements in a home without credit score barriers. Unlike long-term loans, where you can repay the amount within some years, these are short-term loans.

It implies one must repay the whole amount with an interest rate within 3-12 months. Earlier, these loans were expensive owing to the shorter repayment periods. Now, with the flexibility of splitting loan costs into affordable bits, it eliminates the pressure on the budget hemisphere.

Any person having earning proof could apply and get the amount instantly in the account. These loans have fast turnarounds and thus help you hassle-free counter the backsplash issue the same day.

In what other situations could you use £1500 cash?

Well, yes, you have read it right. It is helpful in other circumstances too.

  • You find it challenging to get approval from high-street lenders
  • You have a dire need of cash, and unemployed
  • You need to pay off the rent
  • Have emergency bills 
  • School fee to pay
  • Medical expenses – dressing or medicines
  • Funeral expenses
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Fixing electrical appliances
  • Need some money before the paycheck/payday

Explore other sources before applying for these loans  

There are many situations and purposes for which these loans are suitable. But before you tap these, consider whether you could:

  • Sell some unimportant stuff to get some cash
  • Ask for help from your friends and family 
  • leverage the income earned from dividends for the purpose
  • Request extra cash from your employer

To get cash, look at other options. The reason is these are short-term loans with competitive interest rates. One must analyze the graveness of the situation before applying for the loans. If none of this works, loans for 1500 with bad credit are the best option.

The reason is- they are no-obligation, speedy and no-collateral loans. If your income is healthy, these loans are an immediate fetch. You could apply regardless of your bad credit score. We consider bad credit applications that help you hassle-free counter the backsplash issue the same day.

Who could get these loans instantly at Quickloanspoint? 

There are different situations in which we help customers get the needed cash. The loan application approval at the platform is 97%. Thus, you must not fear rejection at the portal. Define your requirements, evaluate the urgency and apply.

  In situations, you could qualify

 In situations you may struggle

  You work on benefits with a £100/ week income.

You lack a Visa, Passport, or valid UK bank account.

  Unemployed/self-employed/tenants/single mothers could apply for the loan

You are below 18 years of age

  Could set up direct debits

Taken too many high-interest debts lately

  Have enough flexibility and access to other modes of payment if one fails

Application error/ misinformation

  Good repayment history


It provides you with a clear overview of applying at the portal. Identify whether you meet the criteria well or not. If yes, contact us at the earliest. If you are confused about the exact requirement, the experts here could help.

 Just tell us the need for which you need the credit. At other times, we do not ask for a loan. But if you do not share any idea, we can help you fetch the apt amount as per requirement. It will help you avoid unnecessary loan costs.

 Before getting loans for £1500 with bad credit, Check These!

It is critical to identify a few factors before clicking the apply button:

  • Could you manage the repayments well, given the income and other liabilities?
  • You have tried raising financial needs and facing denials from high-street lenders.
  • You could pat the complete loan amount with interest on the due date
  • The needs must pertain to £1500. If you need an amount exceeding £10000, apply for bad credit loans.
  • Borrow only that is affordable. Borrowing less would not serve the purpose, and borrowing more, would make you pay extra on loan. It is also not worth it. Thus, evaluate the need or rush to us to figure it out.

Can you get accepted for a £1500 for home repair at no credit check? 

No. Getting loans for £1500 with bad credit without credit screening is impossible. It is critical for a detailed analysis of a borrower's affordability. And as responsible lenders, we do not pass any application without a soft credit check.  

A soft credit check does not hamper the credit profile. Even if you have a compromised credit profile, apply.  

The lender helps draft loan proposals unique to individual requirements and finances at the portal. Credit checks help lenders evaluate the prospect of the borrower if he misses the payments.

 It helps the lender identify the right way to reform and re-direct the repayments affordable to an individual's budget and income. Thus, we do not provide loans for £1500 with bad credit and no credit check. We prioritize our customers' comfort and mental peace, hence lending responsibly.


Thus, you may consider a loan for £1500 for any household or home improvement purposes. Scale out the affordability measure and grab quick cash at the portal -obligation-free. Our lendings are for everyone.