What Are Some Popular Installment Loans for Bad Credit
Harry April 30, 2022

Sometimes one desires flexible loan terms and interest rates to meet their requirements quickly, and instalment loans provide that flexibility to customers. It is used for any purpose, like paying off bills, car repairs, or replacing a broken laptop.

The amount you borrow depends on the income and repayment capability of the loan. It helps you spread your payments for a longer time. Let’s know:

Installment loan: the Easiest Way to manage repayments overtime

Instalment loans are both personal and commercial loans a lender provides to individuals. It is a type of loan agreement that could be paid in manageable repayments throughout the loan term. Each payment includes repaying a portion of the principal amount and interest. One can borrow up to £1500. The payment is paid over with the next paycheck one receives.

As these loans provide flexibility of repayments and fixed interest rates, you always know what you will pay to the end lender. The regular payment amount remains unchanged during the loan term. One can borrow these loans for 3-12 months. It ensures a manageable repayment plan and eliminates any hassle of late fees.

Lenders require a sound credit profile and credible income proof to ensure the instalment of loan approval. Not everyone has a sound credit score. If you need instalment loans on bad credit from a direct lender, you may get one at competitive interest rates.

Let’s analyze the instalment loans one can get with bad credit. 

How are Installment loans classified? 

Installment loans, as mentioned above, can be used for any purpose. The loans could be broadly classified into :

Personal loans

You can repay a personal loan in a lump sum over two to five years. It is an unsecured loan. That means you do not have to provide collateral.

 If you have a short monetary requirement, you can get the loan. An unsecured personal loan’s approval depends heavily on the borrower’s credit score. You can expect skyrocketing interest rates if you have a poor credit score.

Mortgage loans 

A mortgage is a secured loan used for buying a home. The current or existing property performs as the collateral on loan. It is paid over 15-30 years if one spreads the payments in instalments.

Student loans 

Student loans divide into federal and private loans. These are unsecured loans availed for assisting education for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduation.

The student can refund the loan after finalising their graduation or post-graduation. Once you get a decent employment opportunity, pay off the loans comfortably.

You can break the student loan instalment in years. Student loans are costly loans. Hence, one requires good time paying off the repayments. The UK government has eased up the burden of student loans. It is apparent from the recent changes in the loan repayment options. One can now pay off the pending loans until 30 years of the loan is taken. If any amount remains to post that period, the authority will waive it. However, the flexibility isn’t free from certain legalization and restrictions.

Auto loans

An auto loan is a secured loan to buy a car. In this, the current automobile benefits as collateral. One can pay the loan in monthly instalments and spread the payments for up to 2 years. However, you may not find ideal deals if you need auto loans on bad credit from a direct lender. In auto loans, lenders prefer lending only to individuals having a good credit history and score. It is the primary criteria and proof of smooth management of repayments.

The lender shares the risk of losing the motorcar as collateral on loan. In short, you may find some lenders offering you the loan at chief interest, but most will avoid lending in this case. Therefore, it is ideal to work on improving your credit score before heading for an auto loan.

The fact is, instalment loans can help you improve your credit score. 

How Can Installment Loans Help Improve a Credit Score? 

Instalment loans can help improve your credit score. The strength of your credit score depends on the previous borrowings, the interest rates, and the terms you qualify for. Here is how an instalment loan helps build your credit.

On-time payments 

Settlement record makes up 35% of your credit score. If you have multiple loans lined up, it is ideal to clear them all. Making on-time payments help boost your credit score significantly. In opposition to this, delaying several high-interest debt payments can hurt your credit score severely.

Missed payments or late payments can make you pay more on loan. This eventually affects your credit score. While seeking loans for bad credit from direct lenders, ensure minimal delinquencies in the credit report. It improves the possibility of loan approval.

Paying the complete loan amount 

While paying off the high-interest loans first can optimize your credit score, making complete repayment on loans can speed up the credit building process. However, paying the same early will hardly affect the credit score curve.

A good impression of Paid off loans on a credit report

Once you pay off the pending loans one by one, the loans are cancelled from the credit report. However, the status reveals the total loans paid off and the remaining ones. Closed loans in good standing can help your credit score and increase credibility in the eyes of lenders.

However, even though instalment loans ensure flexibility on the borrower’s part and grant him the freedom to optimize the repayments, it has downsides too.

Are there any cons to instalment loans? 

Like all other credit types, these loans come with pros and cons. So, whether it is the right choice for you depends on the situation.

Let’s first discuss the Pros of instalment loans.


  • Grants immediate access to funds you need to cover immediate expenses
  • A fixed supplement amount eliminates any surprises
  • One can refinance the instalment loans if interest rates drop.


  • It does not provide the flexibility of revising the loan amount. It means you cannot borrow more amount on the same agreement.
  • Commitment to making repayments for a long time
  • The interest rate depends on the borrower’s credit score and the type of instalment loan one is applying for. If you seek loans on bad credit from a direct lender, you may find them at competitive high-interest rates.

Thus, if you are seeking to build credit and wish to spread off payments for easy repayment management, you can seek instalment loans.