How It Works

QuickLoansPoint has enlightened the concept of online lending, where everything is possible for any financial situation. When an aspirant comes with a loan request, an instant response comes from our end.

You may be ‘sad’ when your financial condition is ‘bad’. Our job is to convert it from ‘bad’ to ‘glad’. Your past credit does not have any impact on your loan chances. In fact, your poor credit allows you to take the loan advantage within a few minutes.

Similarly, we do not mind if you lack a full-time income. If you are earning for only a few hours, we are happy with that too. Just ensure us that you can afford the loan, and we are prepared with borrower-friendly loan offers.

Do you want to know the process to apply for our loans? Continue to read below:-


Your first step is to analyse your current financial condition. Many people make a mistake by not preparing for the loan. They do not know how much they actually need and later fail to make the repayments.

It is exceptionally vital for you to go for only affordable loans. It helps you to ask for that amount which your monthly income has the capacity to repay. Do not think that since funds are available quickly, you can request any amount.

  • If possible, pre-check your credit report;
  • It helps you to improve your credit score later;
  • You borrow funds within your financial limitations


Once you decide the amount to borrow according to your financial circumstances, it is time to check whether you are eligible or not.

QuickLoansPoint is a responsible lender in the UK, offering only affordable loans. We provide loans in an individual capacity, where repaying the loan should not be a burden on anyone. Qualifying for the loans has never been a problem for us. We have only general eligibility conditions, such as:-

  • You must be between 18-70 years;
  • Only permanent UK citizens can apply or those living on valid visas;
  • Must be earning either full-time or part-time income;
  • Holding an active bank account;
  • No bankruptcy charges against their names for the last two years


Your next stage is to apply for the desired loan. With us, you have all the comfort to submit your loan request. There will be a single page application form where only personal details are required to mention.

We accept only online applications as it helps both of us to bring financial help early. However, you have to ensure that only the correct details should be mentioned in the application form.

  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button
  • Fill the form with personal details
  • Submit the form and wait for loan approval
  • Get same day loan approval and fund transfer