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  • Affordable Interest Rates
  • Less-than-perfect Credit Accepted
  • No Surprising Costs
  • Extension of Loan is Available


Are your finances struggling to keep up the cash flow? Do you need unsecured loans right now to calm down financial emergencies? Sometimes surprising costs may arise for which you have not prepared. It leads you to search for a loan. You may want a loan but do not want to place your collateral at risk.

In these sorts of financial situations, availing the best deal on unsecured loans is worth deciding. Here at QuickLoansPoint, we can fund your loans based on your affordability and current financial needs.

We do not mind if you have made past mistakes. Our unsecured personal loans will be affordable to your monthly earning and do not imply any stringent norm.

Unlike traditional lenders, we go one step ahead by offering unsecured loans for bad credit people. For them, these loans are nothing less than a miracle as they can get desired funds without any risk involved.

When you have unsecured personal loans for bad credit and no guarantor, you get following things into your favour:-

  • Credit score improvement
  • A fresh start to your credit profile
  • Fulfil any financial purpose

Read on to know more about our unsecured loans and how we present them in your favour.


We are the new-age lender and that is why we want to define loans in the modern way. Unsecured loans from direct lenders are primarily short-term loans accessible with no boundaries of poor credit history and the lack of full-time employment.

It defines that you have these direct lender loans for bad credit to every individual irrespective of what they have done in the past. The loan approval comes on the basis of recent financial affordability and commitments. You can pre-qualify for our bespoke loan deals if your earning capacity can afford our reasonable interest rates.

unsecured loans

These small loans for bad credit from direct lender are different from secured loans. One may know the fundamental difference between these funding sources. Still, we feel it is our responsibility to add more to your knowledge so that you can make the right decision.

Here are the primary differences between secured and unsecured bad credit loans from direct lenders.

Secured Personal Loans Unsecured Personal Loans

Large funding

Small funding

For larger financial purposes

For small needs or financial emergency

Documentation may require

No documentation

Past and present credit may matter

Approval on the recent credit record

Lower interest rates

Competitive interest rates


Loans can only be successful if they work well according to the individual needs. For this, loan features should be as such that can work for the aspirants. It is where our unsecured personal loans are perfect support.

We have included bespoke features where every aspirant can meet with personal ends. Do you want to know those features? Continue to read below:-

  • No asset is at risk

    These are not secured loans, and thus no asset is needed to secure the borrowed amount. It means these are risk-free loans.

  • Borrow as per your need

    Whether you need 3000 pounds or £23000, you can apply for unsecured loans for any purpose.

  • Competitive APR

    At QuickLoansPoint, you do not need to worry about the APR. We keep it on the competitive market rates.

  • Funding on the same day

    Waiting for deserving funds should not be there. Therefore, we bring funds on the same day of application received.

  • No broker is involved

    We are sitting online to help you directly with absolutely no need for a broker. Come to us straight away and get the benefits.

  • Any credit score is accepted

    Credit score should not be a barrier while getting a loan. We consider every application, whether good or bad credit, for unsecured loans.

  • Flexible Repayments

    Repaying the loan is as easy as getting it. Make fortnight, weekly or monthly repayments as per your comfort.

  • Varied loan terms

    Our loan terms vary according to individuals’ affordability. You can avail of a loan from 6 months to 60 months.

  • No legwork and paperwork

    When everything is online, there is no requirement to go outside from your home or submit many documents.

  • Loans on benefits

    If you lack full-time income but receive particular benefits, we can still approve unsecured loans for you.


Yes, unsecured loans come in varied types in which you can choose according to your requirement. Unlike other private lenders in the UK, we have specified the unsecured loan varieties to make them more efficient for one’s financial needs.

Unsecured Loans for Self Employed: Do you need urgent funding for your home-based business? Get it right now with our self-employed loans.

Unsecured Wedding Loans: We know as the responsible lender how crucial a wedding occasion is for someone. We are ready to fund this auspicious occasion with personalised offers on wedding loans.

Unsecured No Guarantor Loans: We also understand that finding the guarantor, especially for an individual with poor credit, is challenging. Thus, we already have an alternative of no guarantor loans for you.

As a dependable online lender, we are committed to better customer service. You have the freedom to choose any of our unsecured loans, and we provide affordable unsecured loans on the same day.


We do not hesitate to approve applications on unsecured loans with bad credit from a direct lender mentioned. Instead, we are committed to offering loans on multiple benefits. Read those benefits below and start your application now.

Soft Credit Check

You have higher chances of loan approval with us because we take care of your application with either a soft credit check or no credit check.

Credit Score Improvement

Our easy repayment schedule helps you in making each monthly instalment on time. It directly contributes to having a better credit score.

Save time and Money

Our unsecured loans for bad credit with no guarantor save your valuable time and money. You can better concentrate on your finances.

If you need efficient and sufficient financial help, primarily because of a low credit score, then you should seek unsecured loans for bad credit from direct lenders only in the UK.

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Unsecured bad credit loans from direct lenders bring affordable funding that only benefits your finances. You may approach mainstream lenders, but you have more flexibility in lending terms with direct lenders.

Everything will be finalised according to your affordability, from the borrowing amount to the loan term. We want to suggest you analyse your current financial situation first and then decide every aspect of the loan.

Borrowing Facts

Loan Amount

£1000 - £25000

Loan Term

6 Months - 60 Months


Fortnight, Bi-weekly, Weekly or Monthly

Early Repayment Charges


Late Repayment Charges


Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

24.9% - 94.6% (approximately)


Unsecured loans for businesses are like any other short-term loans to help small businesses. These are incredibly beneficial for those looking for start-ups or funding the urgent needs of their existing companies. Large enterprises may also look for these loans when they want little funding for a specific purpose.

  • Affordable Interest Rates
  • No upfront charges
  • Funding on Annual Returns
  • Businesses with Bad Credit can apply

Although there are many more, we ensure these sorts of advantages with our unsecured business loans. However, we provide only affordable loans so that any small business will not feel any burden in making all repayments.

To avail of such loan benefits, you need first to qualify your business on the given conditions:-

  • An effective business plan is a must
  • Having a business in the territory of the UK
  • Running a business for at least one year
  • Should not have any bankruptcy charges against the company


If you are applying for unsecured personal loans, it is indeed among the straightforward loan application procedures. You are going to apply without any asset or loan collateral. The lender only needs a few personal details like contact details, name, monthly income, expenditures and actual loan needs.

Your loan eligibility criteria depend on your income capacity and credit score. However, we have already made it clear that acceptance is on for those with poor credit. Still, we may need a credit report to prepare affordable loan criteria.

We finalise the loan quote that we will share initially based on these factors. It will be an obligation-free quote, which you can give your confirmation. Once the loan quote is finalised, you can start your loan application by following these steps.

1. Fill an Online Single-page Form

(It will hardly take 5 minutes)

2. Check Details Carefully

(Check all information as it is necessary)

3. Submit Your Loan Application

(Click on submit and get same day approval)


At QuickLoansPoint, we feel proud to be part of a well-established UK marketplace. We are happy to take the responsibility of funding the financial needs of many people living here. Therefore, you can apply for our unsecured loans from anywhere.

When a financial emergency disturbs the balance of your life, we are here online to serve your financial needs.

Here are the reasons why our unsecured loans for bad credit can match your aspirations:-

  • Our loans are easy and quick as funds are available 24/7
  • No extra cost is included in any of our loan deal
  • We are honest in our lending policies where your personal details are safe and secure
  • Only responsible lending is practised here with an affordability check
  • We already have many positive reviews from our borrowers

If you would like to borrow funds with QuickLoansPoint, simply press the button below.

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What fees are involved with unsecured loans for bad credit?

You need to pay only the interest rates. There are no upfront charges and processing fees involved. We are among a few direct lenders in the UK who do not charge early repayment fees. However, late repayment may attract some charges but only nominal.

What happens if I cannot repay unsecured loans?

Not repaying the loan can cause badly to your credit record. It will leave a negative impression on your credit score. Therefore, it will be best to inform us well before and familiar with us on your financial compulsions. We may consider extending the repayment period but only in genuine circumstances.

Is it possible to get unsecured loans on lower APR?

Traditionally, unsecured personal loans include higher APR for the aspirants than secured loans. Due to increasing competition among the lenders on these loans, borrowers now have better deals on competitive Annual Percentage Rates. Still, rates on unsecured loans will be slightly higher than secured ones.

In what circumstances, can my unsecured loan application be delayed?

Usually, we approve loan applications within a few minutes. In some circumstances, it may delay but not more than 48 hours. These may include:-

  • When there is some correction in the details mentioned
  • When some mistakes are found in the credit report
  • When an applicant is waiting for the removal of CCJ against his/her name
  • When there are bank holidays

Are Unsecured Loans for Unemployed Accessible?

Yes, of course. Unsecured loans for the unemployed are accessible with no compulsions at all. If not collateral and full-time income, approval may come on the following bases:-

  • Part-time income
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Spouse income
  • Rental property