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Want to Finance the Next Property?
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Are you planning for land development to increase your wealth?

Do you want to purchase another property?

Well, you must have plans on these aspects, but you must be looking for a funding option with better rates. At QuickLoansPoint, you get among the most competitive rates on property development loans in the UK.

Developing a property can be a valuable investment. You can take it as both the primary and secondary source of income. You may be thinking of purchasing a plot and building it later. Alternatively, you want to buy an existing property and rebuild it according to your planning and wish.

Sufficient funds must back up all these plans into your account.

If you lack sufficient funding for it, you have bespoke offers dedicated with the best rate personal loans for property development from one of the most reliable lending hubs.

What are Property Development Loans?

Property development loans are the short-term financing sources embellished to finance a fresh construction of several properties on one security. Many lending institutions, both traditional and modern, offer these loans of two types - Residential and Commercial.

Before going for these types, you should know that these can be either secured or unsecured personal loans. When you go for secured, you need collateral to submit. On the other hand, unsecured loans usually apply when you need money just to fill the funding gap during the property purchase.

Residential Development Loans

Lenders offer residential development loans as short-term development financing. It can be accessible for up to four various units such as duplexes, townhouses, and triplexes. It is also a kind of mortgage that includes normal charges and is considered less risky than commercial ones.

what are property development loans

Commercial Development Loans

Another form is commercial development loans. It is applicable for more than four residential units. It can also be a range of commercial properties and embed higher risk for the lenders. Compared to residential property refurbishment loans, commercial development loans attract higher interest rates due to the higher risk factor.

Does QuickLoansPoint offer Residential and Commercial Property Development Loans?

As the responsible private lender in the UK, we are open to every kind of investment property loans. Whether you have planned for residential or commercial property to develop, we are available with affordable funding available on individual’s circumstances.

Residential Development Loans Commercial Development Loans

Not risky for the lenders

Comparatively risky due to higher vacancy rates

Lower interest rates

Higher interest rates

Funding up to 95% of property value

Finance available up to 80% of property value

You can obtain on lower deposit

A higher deposit is needed

Less fees and charges

More involvement of other costs like valuation fees

At QuickLoansPoint, our primary focus is offering you suitable finance irrespective of your development plan for a duplex or an apartment to live in or for commercial purposes. We know that different developers have varied plans, experiences, and properties.

Therefore, we try hard to be flexible enough so that everyone has affordable property development financing.

What are the Features of Loans for Property Development?

Loans for property development are short-term loans to fund different types of property developments. It is ideal to have a solution for developers who want to explore fresh opportunities. The loans we bring create an excellent chance to obtain funds for a new development project, whether related to less or more than four units.

You may need funds urgently to continue your project without any hassle. We understand the value of security property in growing your capital. If you get funds late, it can harm your opportunity.

Nevertheless, our property development loans bring instant funding for new projects thanks to our advanced internet technology. There are many more features of our bridging loans for property development.

  • Funding according to the current need

    We have made our loans available for every amount. The need for borrowing funds may differ from residential to commercial, but we are available for everyone.

  • Flexible Rates and Terms

    Fixed rates on property development loans may not suit everyone. Therefore, we follow a flexible approach in the interest rates and loan terms. You can select a suitable loan term as per your repayment capacity.

  • Funding for both New and Existing Properties

    Our personalised loan deals offer quick funding to new properties, light or heavy constructions, or existing property to rebuild purpose.

  • Funding for joint ventures

    Unlike other lenders, we have also opened our lending doors for joint ventures. Interest rates will still be competitive as on a single venture.

  • Up to 95% Financing

    If you can afford to repay the loan, we can finance up to 95% of the property value. Sometimes, we can offer 100% if someone has an excellent credit record.

How much is the Cost of Secured Loans Against Property?

QuickLoansPoint feels proud to be more flexible on each loan deal than banks or other lenders in the UK.

Our FOCUS is on bringing customised loan offers to match the urgent need of the aspirants. You will find our loan against property on interest rates that are affordable to your earning capacity.

Our MOTIVE is to assist you in getting a loan matching the mortgage project and guide you throughout the loan term.

Our OBJECTIVE is to keep the rates as flexible as regular loans, particularly when your development project meets our loan guidelines.

Depending upon such values, we offer property development loans with including these costs:-

Affordable Property Development Loans
Arrangement Fees Based on complete loan and charge on the first disbursement
Monthly Repayments Interest-only basis and manageable
Early Repayment No fee is charged
Late Repayment Fees will be nominal

What are the Preliminary Steps to Obtain Loans against Property?

If you are already in the activities like buying new properties before, you may have some experience handling bridging loans for residential property. As a novice to property development, you may struggle in getting the best deals.

As your reliable lender, we have taken the initiative to guide you in preparing for property development loans. Follow these measures:-

Decide the Amount to Borrow

We provide loans on the desired amount, but first, you need to consider how much you need. Or, you can also analyse your capacity and know how much you are allowed to borrow. Once you know the right amount, start applying for first-time property development finance.

Make a Clear Strategy

You should have a property development plan before going for the loan option and a clear mind about why you need to develop a property. Do you want this for investment purposes or living purposes? Whatever your planning is, try to share it with us so that we plan the best property development loans.

Application Process

Before making a decision on the loan, check whether the lender is offering comfort in the application process. Try to avoid a lengthy process, especially when applying online for private property development funding.

What is the Process of Property Development Loan?

One thing that makes property development loans in the UK different from bridging loans is the lump sum amount. In bridging loans, the lender assigns the full amount to borrow at the start of the loan that you will repay through regular monthly instalments up to a certain period.

process of property development loan

In a property development mortgage, the amount is released according to the development of that property. It crosses various stages, including:

  • Deposit
  • Foundation
  • Frame
  • Lock-Up
  • Fixing
  • Finishing

After completing the project, the development loan gets automatically converted to a standard loan option. This procedure will save thousands of pounds, as you only have to pay the interest rate on the money paid to your account at that time or during a particular stage.

As far as to be eligible for small property development loans, you need to provide these details to us:-

  • Income, expenditures, assets and debts
  • Proof of identity
  • Breakdown of costs
  • Project deadline
  • Permission of development

Why QuickLoansPoint for Property Development Loans?

Whether you plan for residential property development or a commercial one, getting the loans at affordable rates is your priority. We provide you with the same, and our experts will further help you by answering all your questions.

If you choose us for property development loans in the UK, you will have following advantages:-


We are just a few clicks away to approach a property development loan.

Innovative Lending

We follow innovative lending where everything is online and convenient to everyone.

Lending beyond Credit Score

Every aspirant has different credit scores. We follow an open strategy, and every credit score is welcomed.

Best Rates for First-Timers

If you are applying for property development loans for the first time, we have the best rates for you.


Should I sell my earlier properties to get approval on a property development loan?

There is no need to pre-sell your properties, especially when applying for a residential property development loan. In fact, you can use those properties as collateral.

Why Do I Need Property Development instead of buying an investment property?

You should go for loans for property development in place of an investment property to get higher returns. Many people do that, but at the same time, it can be a risky option too.

How to find out the Right Residential Property Development Loan?

You do not need to do anything extraordinary to get the right deal on a residential property development loan. QuickLoansPoint is a reliable loan provider where the interest rates are always competitive and affordable to everyone.

Where can Property Development finance be used for?

You can use property development loans for the following purposes:-

  • Property conversions
  • Renovation of residential and commercial properties
  • Small buildings
  • Small residential and commercial properties

Is providing a business plan vital to get a commercial development loan?

Yes, your business plan will make your loan application stronger. It helps calm down the costs and analyse the condition at each stage. Overall, you can better manage the loan throughout the term.