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Well - Deserved Loans for Business in the UK

Several start-ups and existing businesses in the UK seek a bank loan to have urgent funding. Such efforts go into vain due to the lengthy procedure of these mainstream lending institutions. In need of instant financing, availing of business loans from a direct lender seems more practical.

Banks usually do not reveal everything related to the loan process. For instance, they may not tell you how long you have to wait for getting loan approval, and you are not sure about the timing of fund transfer too. Besides, they will not prefer your loan application if your credit record has a bad score highlighted.

Our unsecured loans for business bring the variety in the financial support. You have maximum chances of loan approval to calm down the effects of financial emergency.

Some traditional lenders also want to stay away from small business loans or funding to start-ups. They primarily prefer larger loans where interest rates are more to gain.

If you are a small business owner and other mainstream lenders are already away from your reach, you go for reliable alternatives like unsecured loans from direct lenders.

At QuickLoansPoint, we feel proud to help the UK’s small businesses financially in their quick market success. At here, you will get fast and the best business loans for start-ups, including:-

Borrow £5000 - £150000

Avail the sufficient amount to back your business in having new opportunities for future growth.

Simple Online Process

An easy and single-page online loan process makes our lending unique from others.

Affordable Loan Rates

You will not find our loan interest rates heavy to your business earnings, as they are affordable.

Does QuickLoansPoint Offer Business Loans for Bad Credit?

Applying for a loan for personal needs becomes a challenge when your credit score is poor, and it becomes more complex if it comes to borrowing for businesses, especially those with bad credit. We have ready-made deals on business start-up loans for bad credit when other lending firms hesitate to fund you.

We only need your trust because that motivates us to provide the best financial help despite the possible risk. We are already the reliable bad credit loans direct lender and continue this trend for those looking to start their own business.

For us, your low credit score is just defining your mistakes. Still, you deserve a second chance to get funding as well as positive amendments to your credit profile.

We offer business loans for poor credit on the following criteria:-

  • You already have an effective business plan
  • Your annual business earning has the affordability to handle a loan
  • Your recent financial commitments are more than satisfactory
  • You are looking like to improve in your credit score

Of course, your biggest worry is the interest rate. There has been a trend of higher interest rates for those with poor credit. We represent new-age lending and assure competitive interest rates along with high acceptance on loans for bad credit business as a direct lender.

Does QuickLoansPoint offer business loans for bad credit

How to be Eligible for Small Business Loans?

We have opened our lending doors for those with bad business credit scores and business loans for bad personal credit. It means you will not need anything extraordinary to be eligible for our loans.

  • Businesses established in the UK

    You must be doing business in the United Kingdom. We are committed to helping the local businesses fulfil their financial needs so that they can contribute at large to the country’s economy.

  • Time in Business

    You can qualify for our small business loan if you have been in operation for the last 6 months. We expect you to understand the market much and utilise the loan in the best way.

  • Sufficient Business Revenue

    We are happy to fund your business if it has the capacity of earning sufficient annual revenue of £50000 or more. It assures us that you can manage the loan repayment throughout the term.

  • Business Plan

    We expect that you have an effective business plan to ensure significant growth in the future. We may analyse your business plan and finalise funding according to the prescribed plan.

  • Credit Score

    Although credit score is not the sole criterion of loan approval, we want to know it only to prepare affordable loan deals. It also opens up an opportunity to improve your personal credit score.

How do Business Start-up Loans Work?

The most significant benefit of seeking direct lender business loans is the simple and straightforward application. You do not need to visit the market carrying a folder of business documents. Instead, you can sit online and follow small steps to apply for our loans for business.

QuickLoansPoint follows an innovative online technology to seek applications from small businesses in the UK. It involves the following steps, and funds will be suitable in your way.

How to Apply for Small Business Loans for Bad Credit

1Apply Online

Furnish a one-page online form with small personal details and an amount to borrow for your business.

2An Obligation-free Loan Quote

Suddenly you receive a loan quote from us in your mail. You can analyse and confirm it soon.

3Instant Business Loan Approval

We will not delay the loan approval. In fact, you get it within a few minutes for your benefit.

4Same-day Fund Transfer

Get funds on the same day from us and start utilising them for your business needs straightway.

Where Can I Use Start-Up Loans for Business for Bad Credit?

Taking out start-up business loans for bad credit in the UK helps you a lot in a crunch time. You may have several pending needs to fulfil, becoming the reasons to go for the external borrowing options.

While each small business has its own needs, we have summarised here some of the possible purposes to avail business funding.

  • Cash Flow: You need a small loan to keep up the cash flow. It may be because of mandatory repair of equipment or low sales.
  • Business Expansion: Open a new branch of your company at another location in the UK with the help of these easy loans.
  • Debt Consolidation: You may want to clear all pending debts of your business. Do it right now by applying for a small loan here.
  • Promotion Cost: You certainly want to promote or advertise your company to get more growth. If it is costly, then you can borrow money from us.
  • Purchasing Equipment: Our bespoke small business loan deals allow you to purchase necessary equipment even if it is costly.
  • Hiring More Staff: You may want more productivity, but more staff needs to hire. With our specially designed start-up loans for business, you can easily manage that cost.

What Industries Are Covered Under Business Loans in the UK?

At QuickLoansPoint, we are proud of our efforts to serve start-up loans for small businesses that belonged to any industry. We offer all-around loans where every sort of business can seek easy eligibility, convenient application procedures and valuable benefits.

If your business has belonged to any of these industries, you can start applying for a loan today:


The time has arrived for you to take your construction company to another success level.


Do you need more money to advertise your automotive company and gain more clients seeking a new car? Get it now.


Take your retail business to the competition of latest market trends or spread it all over the UK with a loan from us.

Spa and Salon

Never stay behind your competitors. Instead, grow your business spa and salon with our funding help.


Our business loans on benefits allow you to flourish your restaurant, pub, or ice parlour at all locations.

Other Businesses

If you have been running any other business for more than six months, QuickLoansPoint are there to help you all the time.

What types of Small Business Loans are there to apply?

We are the specialist direct lender for small business loans for bad credit. Our financial support does not come in one way only. And instead, we offer a variety of loans to help your business from all corners.

Before explaining those types, we want to inform you that the application procedure will remain online with minimum documentation involved. Besides, one suggestion is that you should borrow money according to your affordability.

Given below are the types of loans dedicated to the start-ups in the UK:-

  • Unsecured Business Loans

    Apply secured business loans becomes tough for small business owners, and they do not want to risk their valuable assets to borrow small money. Therefore, we have come up as the reliable lending source of unsecured loans for businesses.

  • Unsecured Business Loans with No Personal Guarantee

    As we are the expert lender of unsecured personal loans, we give you one more benefit where you can apply with no personal guarantee. These will be as no guarantor loans, as the approval comes on the affordability of annual business earning.

  • Business Loans for Self Employed

    There are many self-employed individuals in the UK. The government has continuously been helping them provide sufficient funding, like with bounce back loans. Still, they need more money to ensure long-term stability, and our self-employed loans offer that stability.

Why Small Business Owners Choose QuickLoansPoint?

You are running a business irrespective of the industry, credit score and level of growth, and it clears that you are making significant contributions to the country’s economy. QuickLoansPoint wants to contribute to your efforts by offering credible deals on start-up business loans with bad credit is not an issue at all.

Here are the benefits that you have with our specified loans.

Speedy Procedure

Business funding in just a few clicks away? Yes, we have made that a reality, thanks to our advanced online application system.

Flexible Repayments

Repaying the borrowed funds is no longer a headache for your small business. Choose your repayment term and feel relaxed.

Credit Score Benefits

With flexibility is in the core of our lending policy, you have better chance of making significant improvements in your credit scores.

Devoted Lender in the UK

We are the dedicated business loan lender in the UK. We have the services of experienced loan experts and committed staff.


What Should a Business Plan include to get a Small Business Loan?

Since a business plan is a vital aspect of getting a small business loan, it should include all essential details about your company. These include:-

  • Financial Possibilities
  • Competitive Analysis
  • An analysis of the targeted market
  • Purpose of borrow money

Does the Debt-to-Income Ratio matter for unsecured business loans?

Yes, it does matter because it clears the air for the lender to know whether you can manage the extra debts or not other than your gross income. It also helps the lender prepare affordable loan deals according to individual circumstances.

What documents are required for Start-up business loans for bad credit?

Documents for start-up business loans depend upon varied applications. However, some common documents needed are:-

  • Bank statements
  • Copies of pending debts
  • Business and personal tax returns
  • License and permits to run a business
  • Ownership and collaborations
  • Business plan

I am Unemployed. Can I Get Start-Up Loans for Business?

We may consider your loan application for a start-up business loan. Still, there are a few conditions like:-

  • You must be asking for small amount to borrow
  • You should not be completely unemployed, as some sort of income is still needed
  • You have a business plan ready to be self-employed

What are the rates and fees on business start-up loans?

We offer business start-up loans on competitive interest rates affordable to every small business. The rates are decided only after analysing one’s current business needs and circumstances. As far as the fee is concerned, we do not charge any upfront fees and no unanticipated costs.