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Borrow Money from the Best of No Guarantor Loans

The UK lending marketplace has a massive space for different with no guarantor Loan options. The ranges of these loans may vary according to the lenders’ policies or borrowers’ financial needs. In the vast station of lending options, loans without guarantors have significance on their own.

  • If mainstream lenders have denied you from taking a loan just because no guarantor is there, these loans are for you;
  • If you have a history of poor credit and it is stopping you from borrowing money, these loans are for you;
  • If no one is there to agree upon guaranteeing your loan, these loans are definitely for you.

You got it right here that no guarantor loans are the one solution for many financial problems. QuickLoansPoint adds more to the efficacy by offering same-day loans with no guarantor needed.

No hours, no days and no weeks to get your desired funds. We do the funding within a few minutes if you can afford the loans. Everything is fixed to be flexible and according to your capacity, from interest rates to repayment schedules.

You get the same features of no guarantor when looking for bridging finance too. We have the collateral to guarantee the loan repayment, and thus we do not mandate things but rather provide comfort to you.

Whenever you look for short-term bridging loans, you can approach us anytime and we respond quickly to your application.

As the loan applicant, you have the liberty to decide your repayment schedule. Repay the loan on time throughout the term and see a significant improvement in your credit score too.

What Defines Loans No Guarantor?

Traditionally, loans with no guarantor are generally accepted as those personal loans where no other person is needed to take the loan guarantee of the primary borrower.

The modern definition of these loans describe more than that.

Loans and no guarantors from a direct lender are quick personal loans with same-day fund disbursal. As no other person is involved, the applicant can directly deal with the loan and repay on their responsibility. These short-term loans suit the best when an emergency hits to individual’s finance.

We do not ask any questions while approving the loan for you. Getting a loan here means a complete financial solution for you, as our loans fund your needs and stabilise your finances. Whether you need to buy a car or pay the monthly rent, you can utilise the funds per your extreme need.

Many may favour guarantor loans as the primary borrower feels more comfortable. Still, not every person has a reliable guarantor every time. These loans without guarantors come as a handy solution.

You must submit an online application, and your bank account will have the required money within a few minutes.

Is There Any Chance of No Guarantor Loans with Bad Credit?

If you have arrived at our lending place, then you always have the opportunity to apply for no guarantor loans with bad credit. Instead of a fixed and cumbersome approach, we follow a flexible, fast and fairer lending policy where past bad credit history does not matter. We always give loans on bad credit with no guarantor from a direct lender .

  • Your Current Circumstances

    We focus on your current financial circumstances. For instance, we may consider your present employment status and other commitments like on-time payments. If you are good on your recent performance, then approval is there on loans without a guarantor.

No Guarantor Loans with Bad Credit
  • Your Loan Affordability

    We do not consider the weight of your past credit score. Instead, we would like to know the weight of your monthly income. Show your affordability to pay the interest rates and monthly installments through the loan term and get the approval right now.

  • Approval on CCJ too

    We can consider the applications with County Court Judgement (CCJ) mentioned in some circumstances. Again, recent financial commitments will play a significant role in the loan approval. However, we will see only those applications where circumstances were the reasons of having CCJ.

If you want that we lend you the money you need, fill out our one-page application form. We answer your query immediately to allow instant loan approval on poor credit loans with no guarantor.

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Who Can Qualify for Loans without Guarantor?

Anyone can apply for loans without a guarantor who needs urgent funding, and no one is there to back them. Many financial reasons can be there to seek a personalised deal on these loans.

Homeowners: Homeowners: If you possess a property or a home and want to make it more valuable, you can use these loans for no guarantor filling the funding gap.

Tenants: Are you not able to pay monthly rent? These no guarantor loans can be beneficial in fetching quick money to your bank account.

Students: Many education expenses can be covered with these short-term personal loans so that you can fully concentrate on your study.

Retired People: Retirement can restrict you to manage unplanned expenses. It is where these loans can do wonders for you.

Unemployed People: Losing the job can force you to lose control of your cash flow. With getting funds through affordable loans, you can manage many day-to-day costs until getting new employment

The magnificence of getting no guarantor direct lender loans is that anyone can apply anywhere. The lending terms and conditions are flexible and according to the individual’s capacity.

Why Apply for Loans when No Guarantor is there?

Finding a guarantor during extreme financial circumstances can take most of your valuable time. In such cases, you require easy loans with no guarantor or loans for bad credit and no guarantor direct lender, and we provide the same.

We understand your financial compulsions when no one is there to take your loan guarantee. Therefore, we are happy to offer no guarantor loans on favourable terms and conditions. Many reasons are there to apply for these loans:-

Urgent Need of Cash

Financial emergencies do not wait for your actions. They hit you hard, and thus, you should be active in applying for these loans. You get an immediate response from us during an urgent need for cash.

Loans on Only Employment Details

We do not need a guarantor and collateral to offer a loan. Your employment details are enough. If your monthly income has the capacity to repay the loan, then you almost have guaranteed approval.

Extended Loan Terms

You can repay the loans in the UK without a guarantor over several months. It means you have enough time to make the repayments while managing regular expenses simultaneously. You choose your own repayment term.

We act as your true financial ally when no one is there to support you financially.

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What are the Pros and Cons of No Guarantor Loans?

When you are in need of fast loans in the UK with no guarantor is there, you may tend to apply in a hurry. It can result in a false loan deal where interest rates are higher, or repayments are not under control.

Analysing a particular loan deal is crucial. As the responsible no guarantor loans direct lender, we want to explain every part of a specialised loan. Continue to read below and make your decision.


  • Useful loans during a financial emergency
  • Save your time and money
  • Loans can improve your credit score since only you make the repayments
  • Competitive market rates are there
  • An ideal borrowing source for people with poor credit


  • Only a small amount is there to borrow
  • You have to be extra careful while repaying
  • Missing any loan instalment can severely impact your credit record
  • Higher interest rates if availed from unreliable sources
  • It can add more debt to already struggling finances

One thing is for sure the advantages of these loans are similar to availing of bad credit loans guaranteed approval with no guarantor from a direct lender.

What Limitations are on Loans for Bad Credit with No Guarantors on Benefits?

As mentioned, loans for bad credit and no guarantor on benefits are for short-term funding. You can apply for £1000-£10000 according to your current financial needs. However, the final approval of funds will be decided according to your employment status and recent financial commitments.

You need to pay only the interest rate mentioned in the initial loan quote. Many traditional lenders feel risk in funding the borrowers with not having a guarantor. We do not mind this and are ready to be your direct loan without guarantors.

It would be better if you do extra careful in paying back the loan on time. If possible, try to choose our automatic deduction option, where the monthly loan instalment will be deducted on the confirmed date of each month.

Borrowing Limit


Loan Term

6 Months to 60 Months

Repayment Modes

Fortnight, weekly and monthly

Late Repayment Fees


Early Repayment Charges


How to Apply for No Guarantor Loans at QuickLoansPoint?

  • Step 01: Click on to ‘Apply Now’
  • Step 02: Fill a single-page online form
  • Step 03: Complete the form and wait for our reply
  • Step 04: Get an instant reply with a suitable loan quote
  • Step 05: Confirm the quote and get approval as well as funds on the same day

You can see how easy it is to get loans with no guarantor and no broker. Our primary aim is to ensure 100% online and genuine loan deals where there is no burden of fulfilling lots of obligations. We understand the market and will promise affordable loan rates. Apply Now...



Credit check has been a compulsory process. QuickLoansPoint also does credit checks but only in a soft manner. There will be no hard credit check. Instead, we do no credit check also in certain circumstances. Most times, we pursue a soft credit check.


Becoming eligible for loans without guarantor is not a big deal, as only standard requirements are there to fulfil.

  • Your age should be between 18 and 70 years
  • Must have permanent citizenship of the UK
  • Holding a valid bank account
  • Earning a minimum of £700 as full-time monthly income or £400 as part-time
  • No recent bankruptcy charges against your name


We follow a complete online loan application procedure where not many documents are there to provide. However, you can send us the scan copy of:

  • Income statements of last 6 months
  • Proofs of any part-time income
  • Appointment letters or relieving letters of previous employments


Loans with no guarantor are short-term loans primarily useful for financial emergencies. You should not apply for them if looking for long-term funding, such as a home purchase. However, you can approach a lender for these loans where a funding gap exists. You can use the borrowed sum as the booking amount of the said property.


Not one or two, but there are many reasons for applying for no guarantor loans at QuickLoansPoint. These may include:-

  • Your personal data is secure
  • No obligation quote
  • Apply for loans 24/7
  • No hidden surprises
  • No broker is needed
  • Easy and Efficient service
  • No effect to your credit score