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Do you need funds on an urgent basis? Is your lower credit score restricting you from borrowing money? Are traditional lending institutions not allowing you to get a loan approval? Bad credit loans in the UK from direct lender only can help you to regain your financial happiness.

These loans work as short-term funding solutions where credit score, or we should say past credit performance, does not matter.

In many occasions, one can get them as no guarantor loans from direct lender. As hardly anyone believes in the financial credibility of poor credit people, these loans seem more practical.

With us, you have an extra advantage of getting these fast loans in the UK with no guarantorrequired. You apply today and you get the amount today itself.

Due to the accessibility of the concepts like soft credit check or no credit check, you can seek a loan despite poor credit being ticked in your application. The most significant part is that these loans permit you to manage all uncovered expenses and have better debt management, ensuring better credit score improvement.

Do you want a perfect example of bad credit loans with such features? Well, you are at the right lending place already. At QuickLoansPoint, you have multiple features and advantages that make loans more useful to avail.


Loans for bad credit people are primarily unsecured personal loans. These are embellished for those individuals who either struggle with no credit history or bad credit rating.

These come as the perfect financial solution when other solutions come with lots of restrictions. One rarely expects these sorts of loans from traditional lenders like banks, but attractive offers are available from the private lenders in the UK, including us too.

loans for bad credit

With them, you can get these funding sources as same day payday loans. The lender can allow funds on the same day without any impact of your credit profile.

Moreover, these payday loans for bad credit come with no credit check and no guarantor factors. These will make the task easier for the borrowers and they can look to improve their credit score too.

The interest rates on the loans largely depend upon individual affordability and recent credit performance. We may need your credit report but only to make affordable loan deals where repayments are manageable from your monthly income.

Therefore, obtaining small loans with bad credit from a direct lender is always a wise decision.

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What is a Credit Rating?

A credit rating is a criterion lenders pursue to judge how much risk is involved in lending funds to particular individuals. People with higher credit scores (961-880) are the perfect borrowers for the lenders. On the other hand, those with bad credit or very poor credit (561-0) are regarded as risky applicants.

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Factors Impacting Credit Scores

  • Hard credit check
  • Types of debts possessed
  • Outstanding debts to clear
  • Timely repayment of all previous debts
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How Bad Credit Loans Work?

  • Soft credit check with no bad impact on your credit record
  • Approval on current income to define the affordability
  • Presence of a guarantor to give more assurance to timely repayment
  • Recent financial commitments show improvement in credit scores.


When there are specified loan deals in the marketplace, these must be for specific financial purposes. The same happens when someone applies for bad credit installment loans from a direct lender in the UK.

These loans can be extremely useful for financial emergencies like:-

  • Paying medical bills
  • University’s fees
  • Cash flow during no job
  • Hospital charges
  • Paying monthly rent
  • Buying a gadget urgently
  • Critical car issues
  • Funding gap on a large purchase
  • Funding for a start-up

At QuickLoansPoint, we offer bad credit loans for the applicants when they require immediate funding. If you approach us to get easy financing, you can have assured money into your active bank account on the same day.


The benefit of getting direct lender loans for bad credit people is availing funds on the competitive interest rates. However, many more loan benefits are there for those with no credit history and poor credit scores.

The benefits of loans for bad credit are explained below:

  • Fast Access to Funds :Financial emergencies usually block the cash flow to your bank account. You have many day-to-day expenses that become difficult to manage with no cash flow. Managing unexpected expenses becomes more critical. In such a situation, these personal loans bring crucial financial support.
  • Consolidating All Pending Dues :Merging all debts into a single loan option is very important, as you have only one payment to make on comparatively lower interest rates. These loans give you the platform to consolidate all pending dues and have better money management.
  • Positive Amendments in Credit Scores :Individuals with no credit histories can take these loans as the opportunity to build a positive credit history. On the other hand, people with less-than-perfect credit scores can improve by making all repayments of bad credit loans on time.
  • Acceptance on Very Poor Credit Score :We may accept your loan application even if you have County Court Judgement (CCJ) against your name and consequently have an adverse credit score. However, it must be proved that you are in such a financial condition because of the avoidable circumstances.

Need A Loan for any of Bad Credit Loan Benefits?


Many individuals usually doubt the practicality of bad credit loans on guaranteed approval with no guarantor from a direct lender. Their doubt is evident because the mainstream lenders have already denied them.

With a guarantor, the primary borrowers have lots of loan benefits. They can fetch guaranteed approval, lower interest rates and no collateral. There are other situations where finding the guarantor, who should be a homeowner and have a good credit score, can be difficult.

In such a situation or when you need quick funds, applying for these no guarantor loans is hugely beneficial. As a responsible direct lender, we may consider your application on very bad credit loans with no guarantor on the following conditions:-

  • You are asking for small funds to borrow
  • Your current monthly income can bring monthly instalments throughout the loan life
  • You do not have any bankruptcy charges for the last few years


You should not delay applying for a bad credit loan when you can save on interest and have a chance of improving your credit score. However, you need to prepare yourself to have high acceptance loans for bad credit from a direct lender.

There is no doubt that situations may vary from individual to individual and the lenders’ norms. Still, you need to follow some steps to ensure that loans are guaranteed to meet personal ends.

  • Analyse your Financial Needs: Do not forget to analyse your current financial circumstances. There might be a situation where you are desperate for larger funding, but the situation demands only small funding.
  • Know your Credit Score: Try to have your credit report ready before applying. We consider loan applications with soft or no credit checks, but we may want to know your score to ensure loan affordability.
  • Do not apply without any income: We have unemployed loans in our products, and we offer them at affordable rates since you are earning something. Still, we suggest not applying when you are entirely out of monthly income.
  • Add a co-signer: It would be better to make your loan application stronger if you applied with a co-signer. The person acts differently from a guarantor because they enjoy the same loan benefits as the primary borrower.


General requirement to qualify for loans for bad credit from a direct lender is to have a full-time or part-time income. Literally, our loans are accessible for every UK citizen who is living the days above the age of 18 years.

Still, some other eligibility conditions are also involved, and we may require e-documents related to the following information.

  • Address and age verification: We may need identity proof and residence proof alongside your loan application. We may consider applications of those individuals who are living in the UK on valid visas.
  • Documents related to debts: We would like to have documents pertaining to your existing debts. In particular, we are specific on this for those who have already applied for mortgages. They should restrain from applying for another loan as they may become bankrupt.
  • Employment proofs: As we offer unsecured bad credit loans, your income will have a significant role to play. We want to know the strength of your current employment and proof of previous jobs in the UK.

Once have all the documents ready on these aspects, you can start submitting your application for small loans with bad credit. Your loan is only a few clicks away as we accept only online application.

We approve loan applications within a few minutes and ensure same-day fund disbursal.


You want strong reasons to apply for bad credit loans at QuickLoansPoint. We provide not one or two but three fundamental reasons to choose us as your direct lender.

Ultra-Quick Lending

Do you need money till today evening? You get it from us. Submit your online loan application and relax.

Funds that you Need

No matter what your financial need is. You can borrow from 1000 pounds to 15000 pounds with us.

Your Trust, Our Strength

Show your trust in us, and we vouch for offering quality lending service where there is no delay.

Do you need loans for bad credit situations? Why wait for something to happen? Instead, you are already at the right place.


What are the Consequences of Bad Credit Score?

A credit score is one of the crucial criteria for getting a loan. A bad credit score reduces your chances, and lenders will assume you as the risky borrower. Here are the possible consequences of having a poor credit score:-

  • Higher interest rates
  • Difficult in getting new employment
  • You may not get home to rent or buy

How Can I Contact QuickLoansPoint for Bad Credit Loans?

At QuickLoansPoint, we are available 24/7 to assist UK citizens financially. If you want to apply for our bad credit loan, you can simply apply with our one-page online application form. You get the approval and fund transfer on the same day. Alternatively, you can mail us to share any queries and confusion.

Can I use Loans for Bad Credit to Pay the School Fee for my Kid?

Yes, of course. Loans for bad credit apply to any kind of financial need. If they are above 18 years, your kid can themselves apply for the loan. If they are minors, you can apply on their behalf and get accessible funds to pay their school fees.

How long does it take to get approval on my bad credit loan application?

You get the approval on your bad credit loan application on the same day. In rare cases, it delays, especially when there is a bank or national holiday. We have almost 99% record of approving loan applications on the same day of their submission.

What are the drawbacks of loans for bad credit?

With significant benefits, there are some drawbacks of bad credit loans too. These include:-

  • Comparatively higher interest rates
  • Finding a relevant deal becomes a task
  • You may be trapped in the debt cycle

At QuickLoansPoint, you are sure to get loans at competitive market rates.