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Same Day Payday Loans - Small but Swift Financial Aid

Are you in a hurry to track a fast financial solution for your current emergencies? There is no need for the hustle and bustle. You are at the right lending hub where the solution is there for you. We are talking about same day payday loans for people on benefits.

You can borrow money right now from any corner of the UK anytime. You can win over your financial emergency instantly. At the same time, no upfront charges will be levied on your application.

Payday loans work for every credit score and every employment status. Only the interest rates you need to pay, and the rest of the things are comfortable to pursue.

You get an additional feature where these borrowing these easy loans with no guarantor are possible. Yes, approval comes only on the strength of your monthly income and no guarantor is needed.

You do not think too much on the interest rates because we keep them on competitive side especially on these loans with no guarantor.

At QuickLoansPoint, you can get these cash advances on instant approval, thanks to our convenient online process. Once you receive an approval message from us, we straightway release the desired funds to your active bank account.

How do payday loans work on Benefits?

You only need to trail simple steps to apply for online payday loans on benefits.

  • Fill a single-page online form
  • Get an instant quote from us
  • Approve the quote, and we approve your loan
  • Receive the borrowed amount to your bank account
  • Make payments as per your chosen repayment term

We are determined to offer affordable loans where one find it easier to repay from the monthly salary and not disturb the savings.

same day payday loans

What Defines as Payday Loans in the UK?

Payday loans in the UK are among the most preferred form of short-term funding. These small loans work the best when someone has a funding gap or funding emergency well before the next payday.

These are also the quick loans for unemployed where we approve applications on the applicants’ part-time income or benefits. We are committed to offering these loans for unemployed with no fees at all.

Availing of a payday loan is comparatively faster and easier than other standard loan options. However, the interest rates are higher, but the availability of 24-hour payday loans pleases the aspirants. One more thing, these income-based loans are not the only solution to your financial urgencies.

Some other short-term loan options are available, such as no guarantor loans, personal loans, bad credit loans or unsecured loans, which you can consider.

£50 - £5000 1 MONTH – 12 MONTHS

What are the borrowing facts of Payday Loans from Direct Lenders?

Payday loans from direct lenders may be costly borrowing options than other short-term loans. Still, these are better than credit cards, especially in terms of interest rates.

We have made available these loans from £50 to £5000 according to the individual’s need. You do not worry about the interest rates and other charges with us. We have not included any upfront charges, and the interest rates will be pocket-friendly.

Payday Loans For New Borrowers For Existing Borrowers

Borrowing Limit

£50 - £2000

£500 - £5000

Loan Terms

1 month - 6 Months

1 Month - 12 Months

Hidden Fees



Early Repayment Fees



Late Repayment Fees



Interest Rates

Affordable (as per individual’s capacity)

Lower (if aspirants have paid previous loans on time)

If you want £50, £100, £200 or £3000 from direct lenders, we are here to help you now.

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Can I Use Payday Loans from Direct Lenders for Any Purpose?

You may be earning a good monthly income. Still, it is sometimes insufficient to manage every cost or particularly unplanned expenses. In such a situation, availing of payday loans from direct lenders will be beneficial for you.

These loans won’t make you feel bad when there is no money to manage the urgent expenses. Funds will be in your account within a few minutes, and you can take control of your finances.

You can go through payday loans eligibility checker before starting the application. It is vital to get only affordable loans with no negative impact on your credit score.

We invite aspirants to apply for these unsecured loans to fulfil any financial purpose. We do not ask for your loan purpose but expect you to be sincere in making timely loan repayments. Some of the purposes to go for payday funding can include:-

  • Medical emergencies
  • Festival expenses
  • Paying rent
  • Regular utility bills
  • Booking flight tickets
  • Submitting fees
  • Credit cards Payment
  • Broken boiler
  • Buying a gadget
  • Helping a friend
  • Urgent car repair
  • Filing funding gap

What requirements to Fulfil to get Guaranteed Payday Loans?

During the financial crisis, you wish to get guaranteed payday loans so that you manipulate the situation. However, lenders are too much specific about the term ‘guaranteed’.

No lender can guarantee the loan, but we try hard to make it possible for you. Therefore, we make only affordable loan deals where the amount is disbursed manageable from your monthly income.

If your query is getting ‘affordable payday loans near me’, you find our deals more practical to get anywhere in the UK.

You need to fulfil some basic requirements, which are explained below:-

Bank Account Statement: We need your active bank account details, as we will transfer the loan amount into it once you get the approval.

Current and Previous Income Proof: You need to provide us with your current income proof and previous employments. No hard copies are required, as you can send us through the mail.

Residential Address: Our loans are available to every UK citizen above 18 years of age and living permanently here. We may consider applications of those residing on valid visas.

Valid Contact Details: You should carry valid contact details, particularly the email ID, to send the loan quote and other information to you.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Payday Loans?

Getting the desired funds immediately gives you immense relaxation during a funding emergency. If you need a quick cash injection, we bring a payday loan in 15 minutes to your favour.

We have taken our lending one step forward by offering fast payday loans for unemployed on benefits. You are still eligible even if you are not earning a full-time job.

We can accept your unemployment benefit as the basis of loan approval. There are many more loan advantages, which we keep in front of you. However, you should be aware of the disadvantages too.


  • Easy-to-qualify
  • Simple application process
  • Same-day fund transfer
  • No guarantor
  • No collateral
  • Any credit score accepted


  • Higher interest rates
  • No large amount is allowed
  • Increase debt cycle
  • Loans for shorter-term only
  • Loans in scrutiny
  • Only a few reliable deals

Is Applying for Emergency Bad Credit Payday Loans Costly?

Around 75% of people in the UK struggle with bad credit. They use credit cards excessively but later fail to pay the bills on time. Due to this, the mainstream lenders deny their loans, but the direct lenders like us bring payday loans for bad credit on benefits.

Whether you lack a credit score or have bad credit, it does not matter when you apply for a loan here. Your past credit does not impact the loan approval because your recent affordability matters a lot.

We are ready to offer payday loans for bad credit with no upfront fees if:-

  • You are improving in recent credit record;
  • You are applying to get an affordable amount;
  • You are earning sufficient monthly income;
  • You are struggling with a financial emergency;
  • You do not have any bankruptcy charges for the last two years.

In some circumstances, we may even approve payday loans with CCJs (County Court Judgement). However, we first analyse the duration and reasons of CCJ and then consider your application.

Do Payday Loans Come with No Credit Check at QuickLoansPoint?

The significant fact about payday loan is that it does not impact the credit profile of the aspirant. Therefore, you should opt for payday loans with no credit check from a direct lender.

These small funding options are only the loans where the concept of no credit check works. However, we also offer other loans without credit checks to make borrowing comfortable for everyone.

The possibility of no credit check occurs on specific circumstances:-

  • If you have borrowed a previous loan from us;
  • If you are applying for loans for the very first time;
  • If you are improving in your recent financial performance;
  • If you want only affordable loan deals

QuickLoansPoint is your faithful financial ally when you are going through the challenging phase of a financial emergency.

Try us for a loan. We’ll not disappoint you.

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Is applying for payday loans online risky?

Getting payday loans online can be a risk, but only if you have been trapped in a wrong deal. At QuickLoansPoint, you will get an affordable loan deal where everything favours your situation. The loan process is simple, and approval comes on the same day. There will be no third party involved, and we do not share your personal details with anyone.

What if I don’t pay payday Loans?

Not paying off payday loans can hurt your credit score more. You will not be a reliable borrower in the market, and perhaps no lender will trust your loan repayment capacity. However, our flexible repayment schedules will make it easier for you to repay the loan on time.

For how long do payday loans been mentioned in my credit profile?

Your payday loan application will remain for a few years to your credit profile. Therefore, it would be good to repay the loan on time.

What are the alternatives to payday loans in the UK?

At QuickLoansPoint, you have many more short-term loans options that you can consider if not the payday loan:-

  • Unsecured loans
  • No guarantor loans
  • Personal loans
  • Bad credit loans

Why Choose QuickLoansPoint as Payday Loan Direct Lender?

QuickLoansPoint gives you comfort, confidence and convenience while opting for payday loans from direct lenders. With us, you have multiple advantages like:-

  • Quick cash online
  • No obligation loan quote
  • No documentation
  • Trust and transparency