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Quick and Valuable Loans for Unemployed

Is there any chance of availing personalised deals on loans for the unemployed?

Continue the cash flow when no job is nothing short of a challenging task. Moreover, many lending institutions think twice before giving loan approval to unemployed people. Their cause of worry is the uncertainty of loan repayments since no stable income is there.

The traditional lenders, in particular, pursue stringent policies on scheduled loan repayments. It may cause a delay in getting loans because you have to prove your other income source.

In such a situation, the correct decision is availing unemployed loans from direct lenders. These loans are fast and helpful in fixing unanticipated costs and debts that you want to avoid. You can relax and apply online by sitting at your home.

Our financial support is relatively different from other lenders. We fund not only the financial needs, but we also fund your financial desires. We know some people leave the job to have their start-ups. Therefore, we are ready to fund them with start-up business loans in the UK.

You have reached the perfect lending place where you should not waste time thinking too much. Get the desired funding quickly, which may not be possible with mainstream lenders. We have already satisfied thousands of customers, and it is your turn.

Why Should I Choose Unemployed Loans Over Payday Loans?

Loans for unemployed in the UK are the precise financial solution for those with no full-time income. These allow you to continue living without worrying about cash flow during no employment. In fact, these loans can solve your urgent financial issues and give you the reason to smile again.

Loans for people with no job are the perfect financial remedy for short-term financial woes. You do not have to disturb your little savings and keep the balance in your life. More significant is getting guaranteed and instant approval when everything goes alright.

After losing the job, applying for loans comes as the only solution. You start exploring the UK marketplace and find lenders offering fast cash advance payday loans for unemployed. You can consider them to get funds but may find unemployed loans practical.

Moreover, our funding assistance allows you to take a new step in your life. It is because we help both unemployed and self-employed people. It means the road from unemployed to self-employed may become easier with our business loans for self-employed.

We have specified below the features of both these funding sources to avoid confusion.

Unemployed Loans

  • Borrow up to £10000
  • Flexible Repayment Term
  • Longer loan duration
  • For both small financial needs and emergencies
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Suitable for those who lost their job or business due to pandemic


  • Borrowing limit up to £3000
  • Repayment on your next payday
  • Comparatively short loan tenure
  • Suited best only for financial emergencies
  • Higher interest rates
  • Primarily situated for those who lost the job only

Where Can I Make the Best use of Quick Loans for unemployed?

Nowadays, one loan option can solve multiple financial issues. Indeed, direct lenders like us have a significant role due to our flexible lending policy. Instant loans for the unemployed target the same by working in varied financial situations.

  • Medical Treatment:

    You may run short of money when having a medical treatment even if you are doing a job. It becomes tougher with no monthly income and it is where these loans help.

  • Relocation:

    A situation may arise where you have to relocate your home from one place to another. Unemployed loans can back you with sufficient funding to manage the cost.

  • Urgent car repair:

    You may need your car to travel around for attending the interviews. If it requires urgent repairing, you can use these instant loans for this purpose.

  • Planned Holiday Trip:

    There might be a situation where you have already scheduled a trip, but suddenly you lose the job. Go for these loans to manage the remaining cost instead of cancelling it.

  • Home Renovation:

    Do not halt your planning for home renovation just because you have lost the job. Loans for unemployed people can fund your home improvement without any extra cost.

How does the Process of Loans for Unemployed Work?

With multiple deals are accessible from the direct lending market, many jobless individuals look curious to know the process of applying. We at QuickLoansPoint, feel happy to inform you that you have the chance of applying for online loans for unemployed.

The online procedure will include a simple process with no multiple pages to fill or many documents to provide. Only a few minutes are what you need to end the process. If your part-time income is a minimum of £400 or you are receiving unemployment benefits, you can straightaway apply for the loans.

Are you feeling surprised? Don’t worry. Below are the steps to get emergency loans for unemployed in the UK.

Step 01: Fill the Form

Furnish a one-page application form with correct details and submit it.

Step 02: Get an Instant Quote

You shortly receive an obligation-free loan quote from us. Analyse and confirm it.

Step 03: Receive Funds Now

We do not delay the proceedings instead release the desired funds in minutes.

*Disclaimer: QuickLoansPoint involves a very simple online loan procedure. Still, we are committed to affordable loans where one gets funding on their income capacity.

What are the Advantages of guaranteed loans for unemployed?

We know you are feeling excited to get loans despite no full-time income. Chances are there to get guaranteed loans for unemployed. Still, your mind is jogging around what other advantages of these loans are from us.

  • Approval on other sources of income :When the primary source of income is not there, we may accept your application for additional earning sources. It can be your part-time earning, income from rental income or spouse income. Whatever source you present, it must have loan affordability.
  • Loans on benefits :Unlike other lenders in the UK, we have an open approach towards those living on unemployment benefits. We accept those benefits as the repayment mode and give our acceptance on to your loan application.
  • Quick loan approval : QuickLoansPoint deals with online applications where no paperwork and legwork is required. You get instant loan approval thanks to fewer formalities and the skills of our experienced financial experts.
  • Acceptance on lower credit score : The chances of guaranteed unemployed loans are also there even if you have a lower credit score. In such a situation, we consider your current financial performance, not the past credit score and the loan affordability.
  • Apply from anywhere :Another advantage that we bring to your comfort is applying from anywhere. Whether you are sitting at home or travelling somewhere around in the UK, you can submit your application from a PC, laptop or Smartphone.

What is the ideal credit score to get Loans for Unemployed?

Your credit score will have a crucial impact whether you approach a traditional lender or want to get quick loans for unemployed from a direct lender. If it is good, then no lender will deny your loan application. In the situation of poor credit, you may have to work hard to get approval up to £10000.

A higher credit score is always preferred for other loan options like business loans or personal loans. However, we offer these loans for bad credit people too.

Similarly, you have a chance of borrowing funds if you belong to the category of unemployed with bad credit. Continue to read below, where we have done a tentative analysis on the chances of unemployed loans for every credit score.

Credit Scores Loan Approval for Unemployed


961 - 999

You always have higher chances of loan approval.


881 - 960

You are eligible to get reasonable loan deals


721 - 880

You can have unemployed loan deals with moderate interest rates


561 – 720

Your loan application may be accepted but only on your affordability

Very Poor

0 - 560

Chances of loans may be there but on the higher interest rates

If you want to apply for unemployed loans with bad credit, you have already arrived at the right place.

Which types of Short-Term Loans for Unemployed help me?

When you are facing financial emergencies due to sudden job loss, you have a variety of short term loans for unemployed to choose from.

According to your prevailing financial circumstances, you have to decide which loan you want. However, you need to analyse the interest rates and repayments before making any loan decision.

At QuickLoansPoint, we offer three main loan varieties for an unemployed may look for.

  • Business Start-Up Loans:

    Have you lost your business due to a pandemic? There is nothing to worry about because our business start-up loans for people who are unemployed give you financial stability.

  • Loans for Students:

    If we are worried about the businesses, we are equally concerned for the students who have lost their earnings. They are eligible for our instant loans for students who are unemployed.

  • Loans for Bad Credit with No Guarantor:

    As we have already mentioned above, we care for people with low credit issues. Therefore, we offer exceptional deals on loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor.

Choose your loan according to current financial needs and affordability. We are already ready with personalised loan offers.

Why Prefer QuickLoansPoint for Unemployed loans?

At QuickLoansPoint, anyone can consider loans for unemployed but suited ideal for those with no full-time income. These loans are helpful even if you are living on benefits. In fact, you can use those benefits as the criteria to get the loans and payback later the borrowed amount.

After getting easy loan approval from us, you have the best chance of working on your overall credit record by repaying the loan on time.

It is why we try to give our best while helping unemployed people in critical times. You do not need to feel alone, as we help you come out from a financial mess.

You need a cash injection to keep up the cash flow. Our unemployed loans are the best resource in this regard.


Can I get unemployed loan approval with no income verification?

Yes, you can apply for an unemployed loan with no income verification. Still, you have to show your loan affordability from any income sources that you are receiving. In addition, it would be better if you opt for a small amount to borrow.

Can I Seek Payday Loans here Despite Unemployed Loan?

If you are jobless, then we would recommend taking an unemployed loan only. However, you can contact us for payday loans also. We have exclusive deals on these cash advances applicable for unemployed people too.

How to Qualify for Loans for Unemployed with Bad Credit?

To qualify for unemployed loans for bad credit, you need to fulfil these conditions:-

  • You should not have bankruptcy charges
  • Recent performance in making all payments should be good enough
  • You are only asking for an affordable loan amount
  • Have CCJ, but circumstances were responsible for it
  • You are committed to credit score improvement

Can I get extra time if not making an unemployed loan payment on time?

We may extend the loan repayment date if you have genuine financial compulsions due to continuous job loss. However, it would be better to approach us early to familiarise yourself with your compulsions. We take a positive step towards your comfort.

I am doing a home-based part-time business. Can I Obtain Unemployed Loans?

Yes, indeed. You are well eligible to avail of unemployed loans since you earn a full-time income. Our loans are for those who have lost their job and the small businesses during the pandemic.